In a whirlwind of political tension and social division, we often find ourselves on edge – if not already in burnout. Our lives seem to demand extra elasticity, pushing us further beyond the boundaries we draw. But in times like these, can we even feel our bodies? Are we entirely in there, or have we drifted out of touch?

Plagued by the same worries, artists turn these troubles upside down, pulling and stretching them into slippery new forms. Altered and reframed, ugly realities become theatre, and the grotesque becomes a cause for celebration. In some cases, creative strategies become a survival manual pointing to a path through the turbulence.

Other approaches ask: ‘How elastic are we truly? And what extra tools could help us through the mess?’



In the face of challenges, Synergy Art Festival becomes a moment of respite, set in the green heart of Amsterdam’s Flevopark. For one day only, different groups unite in a unique shared experience – the reverberations of which may last far longer. This year, our playful programme spans workshops, large-scale installations, and off-beat performances, referencing fluidity, physicality, and acrobatic skill.

Formed in bungee cords, nipple tape, vertical poles, dancing sticks, inflatable vinyl, running machines, and rotating saddles, the selected works invite us into a game of push and pull, probing at our mental and bodily limits. It’s a place to reconnect with ourselves and forge surprising new bonds. Be sure to keep breathing and expanding your mind wherever it may take you.

Bogomir Doringer,
Program Curator