Welcome to Synergy Art Festival, an inclusive gathering at the mind-bending junction of art, sound, performance, art installations and participatory creative workshops.

The festival is produced by Stichting Synergy, an initiative of No Art which is Amsterdam-based music label and event organiser, and it is supported by local funding and the municipality of Amsterdam. It started in 2022, with the first edition at NDSM and then moved to the magical Flevopark. Whatever the following location is, it's an experimental space for artists to let loose, creating off-the-wall characters, deploying surreal visuals, inventing new tools and reinterpreting old ones. The program is curated by Bogomir Doringer. This year's edition is titled "Elastic Remedies".
Throughout the Synergy Art Festival, contrast is a central thread. From avant-garde performances to site-specific installations, we showcase hybrid practices that merge distinct art forms into something surprising. Young creative talent and established artists rub shoulders. Artworks take cues from different fields of knowledge. Technology, sound and art clash and blend. Guests come from many walks of life.  In the end, contrast breeds connection.
At the Synergy Art Festival, we believe in more than just the collision of art forms. We stand for social cohesion and inclusivity. An exciting moment is merging with the No Art Music Festival on the second day, Saturday, the 27th of July, when different audiences experience a curated art program they may not usually encounter. Our visitors are diverse, and our activities are designed to invite curiosity, self-reflection, conversation and lasting community. The weekend programme is open to all: neighbours and newcomers, friends and families, culture-lovers and art skeptics. In the ticket section, we elaborate on our community values and social participation and the importance of making the festival affordable to diverse groups.
Don't just be a spectator, be a part of the Synergy Art Festival. Come along for a look, a laugh, a cry or a dance; our playful programme only comes to life with your active participation.
Are you our missing party puzzle piece?
Immerse yourself in the dance – and bring an open mind!