Get lost in a large inflatable colourful labyrinth.

Colourscapes are large, inflatable, sculptural installations created by Peter Jones in the 1970s. They are immersive structures that use light and colour to provide diverse experiences. There are over 35 installations, and each one offers a unique experience. The Colourscape sculpture that can be found at the Synergy festival combines music, colour, and space. It features vivid chambers connected by elliptical openings, allowing natural daylight to illuminate the space. When visitors explore the sculpture, they wear primary-coloured cloaks, and their cloak's hues shift as they move through the intensely coloured chambers. The guests encounter a spectrum of hues as they explore interconnected pathways, including mixtures beyond naming. Each visitor can navigate the space as they please, experiencing expanding views of radiant colours.
Reactions to the experience reveal strong emotional responses to colour. For example, red may be felt as a physical presence, while green's effect varies. Visitors often express their experience poetically, like "breathing colours" amidst endless blues and greys, feeling expansion with red and tranquillity with greens and blues in a surreal ballet-like setting with appreciated music.
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