DeRonde /Deroo

A poetic and absurd physical journey.

"It really hurts when your head hits the concrete"

A man drags his companion around like a rag doll, a 70-kilo body tethered to him. Lost and looking for the way, he deploys the rag doll as a Swiss army knife. Tap on his head, and water comes out; he climbs on his shoulders to look around. But what if your companion no longer wants to play along? The performance embodies humorously and poetically how we all carry our history. In this physical performance, you watch an absurd world in which the internal struggle of a man becomes personified. Expect a deluge of images that reads like a poem and takes you to virtuosic acrobatic highlights.
Concept & Creation: DeRonde/Deroo, Performance: Nick Deroo, Tom de Ronde, End Directing: Jef van Gestel, Sound Design: Jethro Cooke, Dramaturgy: Pol Eggermont. Photography & Videography: Joshua Walter, Production: DeRonde/Deroo, Managing Director: Marieke van Dis.
Thanks to MAMM Collectief, Niels Nijs, Jiaxin Chen & Feikes Huis.
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