Iryna Y & Oleksii Kolbei

Through the fusion of fluidity and strength, grace and power, we transcend the boundaries of traditional pole dancing, inviting our audience to witness a dynamic dialogue between two distinct artistic voices.

"Pole Dance"

Our performances are always improvisation, and we explore the possibility of combining contrasts and differences into a single piece. More emphasis is placed on differences in body language, our inner feelings and expressions, our ideas about sexuality and self-acceptance. Let's combine this into an artistic statement. "In a mesmerizing dance of harmony and contrast, we, as a pole dancing duo, intertwine our diverse styles, energies, and expressions to create a captivating narrative on stage. Each performance is a testament to the beauty that emerges when different energies converge, creating a seamless tapestry of movement that speaks to the depths of human connection and emotion."
Photos: Sarah Brik
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