Kexin Hao &10_r3n

Imagine performers who use rice-pounding utensils to create innovative and bold percussion beats, and their movements evolve with the changing viscosity of the rice.

"Forceful Catering"

Immersive music and choreography performance that seamlessly blends East/Southeast Asian tradition with experimental electronic music. Inspired by Chinese folklore and rice-pounding work songs, this project challenges contemporary themes surrounding the relationship between a woman's body and strength. It shifts the focus from harm to care through acts of power. The transformation of rice symbolizes the cycle of life and death, fertility and decay, making this performance a bold representation of the human experience. "Forceful Catering" offers an immersive experience that blends clubbing with a catering service, making it the perfect choice for those who enjoy both beats and intimacy.
Credits: Helena Roig
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