Lucky Love

A middle finger to political correctness or the norm.

A long-leading figure at Madame Arthur's cabaret, Lucky Love has the exuberance of a rock star and the modesty of a poet. At just 27 years old, Lucky Love has already lived a thousand lives, which his songs echo. The promise of a dense musical work haunted by the spirit of James Blake, Antony and the Johnsons, and Christophe, as his lyrics are in both English and French.
The bold musical production has been entrusted to an unprecedented quartet bringing together the best of song, rap, and electro: Jérémy Châtelain, Prinzly, Paco Del Rosso, and Nömak. This is Lucky Love's strength: bringing together individuals and talents that fate did not seem destined to meet. A luminous artist who radiates when he plays and electrifies when he sings.
But he is also a committed artist: "In the name of all the people who, like me, have suffered from a lack of representation, it's a middle finger to political correctness or the norm. It's also a way of becoming the example I didn't have growing up, and that's a wonderful gift."
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