An Artificially Generated Tv Show, An Eery Dream After A Late-Night Doom Scroll...

" 11 3 8 7 "

Performance is inspired by the lavish fantasies that we fabricate online and their conflicting relation with the increasingly hostile reality. From targeted ads to tailored newsreels, vlogs, gaming streams, and lifestyle influencers, the piece takes virtual representations of "real" human interactions far into the unfamiliar - similar to how an AI bot distorts content when prompted. 11 3 8 7 fills the eyes with polished imagery, yet the packaging is hollow. Behind the glossy appearance of its fictional avatars lurks an unsettling atmosphere almost impossible to grasp. Like wandering alone through a deserted shopping mall, it haunts its viewers with the chills of a cold, manufactured absence.
Choreography: Trevoga Collective, Styling: La Fam, Sound: Damyst, Light: Nadia Bekkers, Branding: Rosa Álvarez Solano, Photography: Giovanni Salice, Co-Production: ICK Amsterdam x One Dance Week Bulgaria.
Made with the support of NORMA Funds, Performing Art Funds NL & Amsterdam Fund for the Arts.Special thanks to Suzy Blok, Assen Assenov, Elianna Lilova, Karina Villafan, Sarki Suhail, Dovilė Krutulytė and Anna Van Jaarsveld.
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