Music ourney through emotions and self-discovery.


A burst of recognizable emotions that emerge on the path of self-reflection. Within this work, YAV embarks on a journey of discovery where he embraces his individuality and draws strength from candid, vocal expression. On this journey, he traverses the rough path of heartbreak, which later catalyzes a deeper conversation with the divine and himself. In addition to questioning the ego, ERUPTION emphasizes the immeasurable value of vulnerability as an instrument for growth. This adventure immerses you in an emotional rollercoaster. ERUPTION reflects life's complexity, with the realization that imperfection holds the ultimate true beauty. It is an invitation to lose yourself in a musical story regardless of your life's path.
Concept: Yav, Visual Artist: Bram Passchier, Styling: Lissa Brandon, Styling Assistant: Elisa Manot.
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